March 11th, 2012


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So last night I made bacon pea soup for dinner.  Something nice and hearty, but it's cheap, and when we do get the government assistance box, there's usually a bag of dried peas.  I need to broaden what I can do with both peas and lentils, so I'm slowly working on that.  Last night's pea soup also included some lentils, potatoes to help thicken, several jalapenos, a bit of maple syrup so that we could use that up before it molded (real maple syrup is a perishable item), a bit of Worcestershire sauce, tobasco, fresh onion and fresh garlic (almost the whole head) some thyme, chives, and black pepper.  It ended up turning out super good, and if I'd had some chicken broth instead of water, I could have upped the nutritional value.  As it was though, it turned out well and Athena really enjoyed it.  Enjoyed it as in deciding to have some of the leftovers for breakfast.  That pleased me greatly.

However, there was a drawback to the soup... ten hour cook time, due to the dehydrated nature of the peas.  The up side to that is though, that it's a soup I can put in the crock pot in the morning, let be, and have ready for dinner... provided I do put it together in the morning and not shortly after lunch.