March 6th, 2012


Stop Censorship: Petition (Paypal)

Since it decided not to take this particular cross post.... I'll port it myself.

In response to the recent strong arming by Paypal regarding their current brand of censorship, I have signed the petition letter, and would like to ask you to do the same (both those in the US and outside).  Currently, they are focusing on erotica.  However, what is considered erotica varies a lot, and a lot of mainstream works are actually heavier on sex and violence than erotica.

Also, this can expand to those stories that include werewolves and other shapeshifting creatures (selkies too?).  So my Dragon Shaman series, and several other currently unpublished works, would also fall under their banhammer... since Ryu is not only a Dragon, but a Kami.

Ryu: Hmmm... *strokes chin and ponders* I like to tease BlowingWind, but it's hard not to with how she overreacts...  This would be a bit of a problem for your "Priestess of Spirit" manuscript you've been considering going back to working on, what with how that one scene kind of looked due to the perspective.
Ryu: Well, you were over restrictive about some of your stories for a reason...  One thing when you censor yourself, another when it's a corporation imposing moral restraints.

Anyway, before that character starts to wax too philosophic...

Here is the petition.