February 26th, 2012


Perceptions of the Mind by Steven Disney now Available

Both Print and Ebook versions of Steven Disney's "Perceptions of the Mind" are now currently available in the Lulu outlet.  The Ebook is pending for Barnes & Noble and the iBookstore.  I am also working on a version for Kindle.  The Kindle release will take longer though.  I am not sure about releasing on Smashwords, but might, so that it is available to those that don't want to go through Lulu or B&N.

Once I have more time, the other available titles, both from myself and from Steven, will eventually make their way to Kindle.  However, homework first before I press on more with conversions and uploads.

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So. I just got off the phone with a very close friend from my childhood, after another close friend from back then called to let me know our mutual friend was in the hospital and had only recently gotten out of ICU.  My friend came rather close to dying in a car accident over by Reno, Tboned at an intersection since the other person's brakes went out...  Split head, came close to loosing an eye.  Split spleen and liver...  She was trapped with those injuries for an hour or so (was it 1.5 hour? this is all very surreal to me) till they managed to get her out using the Jaws of Life...

It's just amazing how many brushes with death my friends and I have all had... and come through...