February 18th, 2012


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Am tired.  Really want more sleep.  Dreamed, but not sure what.  A lot of fur was involved though.  Fuzzy.  So restful.

Read two chapters of one of Rick Riordan's books with Athena yesterday.  Too tired to go double check the title.  The one bringing in the Roman aspects and not just Greek.  Kind of wondering what Athena's reaction is going to be once she gets up to the section that Lupa appears in.  I expect a bit of "ooooh!"ing and "Hey, I know her story, isn't that the one that-" and "that neat belt you got me was from Lupa" and similar such.  And Merlin will most likely go "Lupa?! We know Lupa" like he does whenever Athena is mentioned in the stories (which is always a funny pause).

Saturday, so hopefully there are enough originating posts now for me to reply to.

I wanna write, but not sure which of my stories.  I ought to make summaries and notes on where I'm at in the various manuscripts, and put those in my evernote.  I swear, evernote and dropbox have made my life as a student so much easier.  I've been experimenting with using evernote on my nook also.  For the first time in a long time, I ended up going shopping without forgetting an item.

Would like to publicly thank Bear for the year's premium account, and the shirt that came with it.  And thank you for not sending pink... XD

Right. Coffee. Homework.