February 9th, 2012


Who wants cake!

Daughter has been trying to talk me into baking her a guitar cake for her 11th birthday (party is tomorrow with her friends, birthday is the 13th). I do not have a special electric guitar shaped pan, nor do I have the room in my tiny kitchen (postage stamp) to tackle the challenge of doing a cut out cake. So she decided that she would settle for me putting one on the cake instead.

This took me all day, what with the mixing, baking, cooling, and icing.

Cake is a wheat free, gluten free, cow dairy free mixture by Pamela's. It is made to be a peach and vanilla marble. Sadly, I made the peach portion too light, so when it baked it did not have quite the variegation of color I was trying for.

The hard part was doing the icing job. This was very different to me than using paints. The lighting is not the best either due to the time of day, so the purple flames tend to blend in to the brown of the guitar body. My hands were dead after finishing this.

Yes, I know there are only four strings. That is all that I had room for. Flames are supposed to be blue, pink, and purple.

Text reads "happy Bday!"

Yes, I did run out of blue before I was done.

My sister in law is the baker of the family, but this did not come out too badly. No, you're not going to see me doing cake art often. My hands cannot take it. Literally.

Goruden was pretty happy about there at least being some chocolate icing left over.  Of all the things to request on the kamidana... that and "I get some tomorrow too, riiiight?  I helped!"