February 3rd, 2012


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I hate laundry.  It's so expensive.  It's very hard to keep up with due to energy and money situation.  Two loads folded (washed previously and never put away) and four washed today that need folding and put away... Several more loads shoved in the closet waiting, and a few in the hall.  I would really like to be able to have everything neat and organized...

Too much cleaning though, Merlin had to help me inside the house after bringing him home.  Leg gave out because that nerve was getting pinched off by the bad disks. *sigh* Time to tell the doc that I'm at the end of what I can take again.

The second poetry manuscript for Steven Disney is going well at least.  I have a good part of the final layout done.  Feels a bit odd getting to this when I expected to still be working on The Ihmaeeran Chronicles.