January 29th, 2012


(no subject)

Four pages in a story of my own.  About darn time I can get some of my own done.  Not the one I WANTED to work on... on the other hand... mate might like this one when I have it finished enough to show him.  And a little reading done in White as Bone Red as Blood: The Storm God.  Something I can read without having to give feedback to anyone unless I feel like it.

And Athena brought me coffee earlier.

Still want to hide in the very back of Vad's sock drawer or something.  Swear I'll keep my eyes closed.  Better than screeing and hiding under your hair. Maybe.  Poor mate.  Boy I hope tomorrow is calmer and less "aaaaaahhhhh people!"

Least I'm mostly through the irritation wave.  Should be able to sleep.  I know what's triggering these at least.  Now to figure out how to take care of them so mate and kids don't have to deal with them.  And it's a situational thing so not something I can take something for.