January 28th, 2012


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So Merlin had his first birthday party that anyone outside the family actually came to.  He had two guests, both friends from his school.  The boys had fun with wii, hotdogs, cake, and Athena got them to drink a little of the orange v8 splash.  I was pretty impressed that she managed that, had even gone out specifically to get them something to help boost immune systems since everyone in the area keeps getting sick.

One boy had to go home after about three hours, because his parents live so far away and he's not slept over anywhere yet.  But the one that lives here in town got to stay.

They did great.  They played with Merlin's huge collection of transformers and had some story going on to play that was taking a thread off one of the movies and exploring that with their imaginations.  Quite the storyplayers.  The brushing of the teeth and donning of the PJs at bedtime went well, and though they did not go to sleep when put to bed, they at least stayed where they were and stayed quiet.

Till they woke in the morning, then it was right into loud, boisterous play from having kept so profoundly quiet so long during the night.

My pancakes were not a hit with the boys this morning, which was a bit strange for me as usually Merlin and the girls eat them faster than I can cook them for round two.  There was a minor temper tantrum, but nothing that couldn't be worked through to help our guest (who is a couple years younger than Merlin) learn to control his emotions and express himself appropriately.  He's seven, so a long way to go for an autistic boy, but he's doing good.  He'll get there.

*ahem* even adults still have temper tantrums, usually being spurred by being overtired and thus depressing coping skills.

Anyway, tantrum got worked through, and I'm just thrilled that Merlin has friends he can interact with and have come to his house.  When he was diagnosed at three, I was told he might never have friends because of his condition.  There will be other sleepovers and play dates at some future point, and Merlin was even asked over to sleep over at one of his friend's houses for sometime later on.  That's some good social progress!