January 23rd, 2012


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Jeep is frozen shut tight.  No way it's moving till it thaws enough for me to get into.  Athena's bike is still in the back, so looks like she's walking to school.

Merlin's got a late start called by his driver, due to the snow, having to dig out, and road conditions.  So 9AM pickup if all goes well.

I got snow in my boots making the attempt to move the car.  If it doesn't thaw enough to get to today, Athena's not going to get to snowman's hill after school.  I'd rather she not go sledding today anyway and give her body a chance to fight off the cold settling in instead, personally.

Sadly, I needed to get groceries today...  So, we shall see if I am able to.

Happy bday to my mate... wishing I could spend it with you properly.  And a happy lunar new year.  Should be a lucky year for mate... at least according to where it falls this year.

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Took the kids sledding after they were done with school, after niece had gone home, as she had dropped in for a visit unexpected (though very welcome).  Kids had a blast.  Mommy had a blast too.  I managed to hike up Snowman's about 3 times before my hips started to call mutiny.  It was good though, feeling the strain on the bone I know the muscle was working, and it's a different set of muscles than get worked with the bike or walking.  Hopefully I can get skiing some this year, that would help a lot, and seriously... would make me a lot happier with particular parts of my anatomy that I feel no longer are as nicely shaped as when I was skiing twice weekly...

And... we wait for our meatloaf to finish cooking.  First time I'm using the new meatloaf pan.  Got a polynesian inspired one baking... nummy.

Ya hear that bones?  What's good for the teeth is good for you.  Get stronger.  And you muscles, hurry up with the rebuilding thing.

Oh yes, Merlin ended up staying home from school, so we walked to the store ( both of us falling on the way) and helped me carry the groceries home.

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I doubt very much I'll be online long tomorrow.

Even while the kids are in school, and not because of my own schooling.  I need the time to do housework anyway while kids are at school, so I can spend Merlin's birthday with him.

But I'm pretty disappointed in today.

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Actually... before I go to bed... better let doc know I will not be doing my meditation tomorrow.  Definitely not in the mood to share it.