January 15th, 2012


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Pamela's Pancake Mix is acceptable according to the kids.  Today's pancakes came out more like crepes when following the directions for pancakes, but they are good.  Surprisingly fluffy for such thin things.  Merlin's pleased with them.  Maybe if I added another egg or a bit of applesauce they'd have been thicker, but this works.  No gluten means less to hold it together.

Also, Merlin surprised us today by wanting some of the last of the soymilk eggnog.  He was originally going to try some rice milk, but the one we had went bad.  Just as well, I'm picky when it comes to milk substitutes, and that one hadn't met my approval, and he's pickier than me.  At any rate, Merlin discovered that he really likes the Nog by Silk, a surprise since he's not usually fond of eggnog.

Glad someone will be helping me finish that up before it goes.  Can't chug the richer drinks like I used to be able to.

And Athena?  She's really happy to have a pancake mix in the house she can eat, instead of having to combine several different flours when she wants to be the one cooking (in the postage stamp of a kitchen).