January 10th, 2012


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Athena tried to have a little regular pizza last night, since it had been a while and the doctor had said every once in a while a little cow dairy or wheat wouldn't do too much, just have to watch and not overdo it.

She decided on her own after, never again.  Within half an hour of eating she had started to swell.  I gave her some benadryl, just like for when she has the bee reaction, so it helped keep it under control.  But I had to keep an ear on her breathing all night.  A lot more than what they'd do in the hospital...  So, she's wiped out and staying home.  No way she can do her work in this state.  Going to the doctor's later today to have this documented.

The one day I don't have any ready made, too exhausted to cook after a long day of errand and more housework than my body can manage, food for Athena... that's the day where I'm too wiped out to cook.  Poor Merlin was just trying to be helpful when he offered to share his pizza.  He was feeling pretty low when he went to bed... so low about it that he woke up in a puddle, first time in a long time.  Worse, he'd crawled into my bed in the middle of the night, so it was mine that had the puddle.

I'm going to have to somehow find the time and energy to make up wheat free dairy free pizzas for Athena and put them in the freezer ahead of time for such days...  If she's have wanted a noodle dish, everything would have been ok, I do have wheat free noodles in stock still.