January 4th, 2012


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Slept deep... and kids finally fell asleep at a decent enough hour.  Slept later than the alarm though.  Only reason I woke (half an hour late) was because Lightning was determined to wake me up and literally yowled repeatedly by my ear.  Woke up to see it at almost 7:30... got Athena moving.  Poor kid didn't have time for breakfast, and I'd planned on making her an egg and feta scramble this morning...  Ended up having to drive her to make sure she got there in time...

Lost a fight with the wiper arm on the rear windshield...  While I'm trying to scrape off enough ice to see what I'm doing well enough... it ate my finger due to clutziness.  In a few weeks there will be a "nice" white spot that's going to take months to grow out to get rid of.  Hopefully, the car doesn't develop a taste for my blood to keep it going...

Vampire Jeep *insert Twilight Zone Theme...*

Today was the scheduled oil change, and they were going to reconnect a hose that had come loose.  Merlin's still out on holiday, so he went with me.  Instead of sitting there, I told him we'd go out for breakfast if he was a good boy, and that there was a nice cafe across the street he'd like.

He loved it there.  Lucky for me, it was at a fairly empty time, so he didn't get overstimulated.  He really liked getting to see what the different pastries available were, and promptly decided on a croissant as soon as he saw them.  So that with some fruit and orange juice, and he was set.  After finishing placing my order and paying... I turned around... Merlin had already chosen a table, the one with the best view of everything... and munching away happily.  We had a nice chat while I sipped my coffee and waited on my eggs, and he enjoyed listening to the spanish guitar cd playing and looking around while eating.

Since he pretty much had finished before my plate was ready, I expected him to get bored and act up, and quickly was trying to come up with a game plan of how to handle this since I'd forgotten my Nook, and thus had no table hockey... and he'd forgotten to bring a couple toys to entertain himself with.  I was very pleasantly surprised when he didn't act up, and patiently waited for me to eat my fill, working on what he had left very slowly and enjoying watching the people coming in and out, and what they chose.

When we got over to the dealership again, the car wasn't ready yet...  However, he continued to patiently wait, and we amused ourselves looking at the car on the showroom and reading the various signs around the place.

From there, it was on to grocery shopping... and yet again, he was quite well mannered, which pleased me greatly.  What didn't please me was that one quart of goat milk costs about the same as a gallon of cow milk...  This makes it not feasible to switch Merlin completely to goat milk as well, since he goes through so much milk...  But we managed to find most of what we'd gone in for, and Merlin even picked out a treat for Athena... even going so far as to get the dark chocolate of their favorite brand... looking to make sure he got the right one.  I was very pleased with him, as he had it selected before I got that far.