January 1st, 2012


1st post of year


Me: Kami, please accept this plum sake in thanks for the past year and the coming year.
Athena: Mooom... Lightning's stealing my udon...

Good thing I'd already presented the udon dish.  This year I used rice noodles (substituting for the wheat noodles, so technically this wasn't udon udon, but I didn't get any cosmic whacks for it) and put in carrot, ginger purple cabbage, dulce seaweed (yes dear, there is a sweet seaweed), red onion, green onion, fish, miso, and an egg each.  I actually managed to get the yolks cooked just the way I wanted them, so that they're cooked but still liquid in the very center of the yolk...  I got the vegetables just right too, they're soft but still slightly firm, and I'm pleased with how it looks.

Merlin, however, was not impressed.  I only got him to eat one bite, and that was of his eggyolk... *sigh*

Little bit tipsy even before my sip of sake... and I've not had any other alcoholic drink... *gives a certain someone a meaningful glance in the mirror*

Happy New Year! *hefts a bean bag* Ok, I've been good, time to pelt people mischievously with red beans and salt...

*pegs bear in the butt* XD