December 20th, 2011



Have been pretty quiet on all fronts here lately.  I have been busy, am tired, and words aren't flowing as well as I'd like.  Still working through going through the manuscript, and then double checking the author's revisions.  Still doing schoolwork and keeping up with that, with a test coming this week.  Somehow still managing to find time for my mate and my kids (and would consider myself a failure if not able to give those three at least some time each day).

Today is a local art show held at the high school, and several of my pieces are in it.  Daughter is sharing a table with me to display some of her works.  There are only four other tables at the time of this writing, and despite this small number, a pretty wide range is displayed.  Things from ceramic bowls, a tree spirit statue inspired by the kodama of Mononoke Hime, a ceramic monster hand, various acrylics, watercolors, pencils, an oil pastel, and charcoals... as well as ornaments.  The range of artist ranges is interesting too, as Daughter's work is still young, so it's actually got a neat age progression.

Yes, some of my landscapes are on display, as well as some of my dragons, and even the phoenix I did in 2004 for Merlin... and one of my kitsune pieces.

Sadly, Daughter's better works are not in the show, such as her gorgeous sunsets she'd done in preschool, which had been at her father's on display, and have since been taken down... and Athena suspects trashed.  Which is irritating as if he didn't want them anymore I would have liked to have save them for her portfolio.  AND HE KNEW IT.

Ahem.  Moving along.

Display opens at 5 tonight at the McCloud High School and closes at 7.  The kids and I will be there as long as possible, which is dependent on Son's behavior.  We shall see how this goes.  I am nervous as this is my first actual "art show" slated as such... and the mountainscape I'd originally been working on specifically for this I did not get to finish... it still lacks the color washes... and I do not want to display a WIP work for this one.