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I have recently submitted the final files for "Enneagram: A Complete Guide to Understanding Your Personality and Improving Your Relationship" by David Gain. Running the figures on this title for all the hours I put in on it versus my per finished hour pay I will earn less than minimum wage, though part of it was because of having to do some re-recording before I even submitted.
When stressed, I have discovered the mic picks up my electric field very well...
A long overdue project has also been finished. I have finally gotten the audio done for an audiobook version of my neice's poetry book. It will be on my Gumroad store, ACX/Audible, and Findaway Voices is to distribute it to many platforms for me. Elizabeth be collecting half of the royalties from me. Patreon Patrons at or above the $5 tier have the option to collect a copy.
There is a possible book already knocking at my door. Hopefully that will go easily. I'm taking all the jobs I can trying to make up for the lost income. It's nice to have titles coming to me instead of chasing for auditions. We'll see how that goes. The trick is getting everything balanced once things start rolling well without negatively impacting family/health needs, my longstanding testing/writing client, and my longstanding illustration client.

I'm waiting for the yes or no on the redone art sample for Hannah Hashbrown to find out when/if to start blazing my way through the panels.
I'm trying to have time to write for the poetry and Selkies' Skins projects, though that rush audiobook kind of killed that the past few days. It would have been a busy several days anyway with the Halloween events in SL and RL, as well as the Silent Supper and Lacy's memorial. All of those events went well.
I need to finish those last images for the Inktober prompts, and I need to bang up the Christmas/Yule challenge for Dragon Hearts, a higher priority of course on Dragon Hearts than my personal art.

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