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More Flash Fiction Month stories

 Here is another set of flash fictions.
#18: The Beginning This is a collaborative set of flash fictions. Mine is the first. The other two are linked in order in the description. Together we give flashes of the rise and fall of a civilization.
#23: The Price of Knowledge This one is set as mature because the deity invaded gets a bit bloodthirsty. It is not outright gore. It's more like feeding Audrey II on stage level, but someone might find it triggering. I will make a separate patron locked post on here for those that want to read but do not have a free deviant art account.

#24: Seeking

Adding all of the flash fictions together that I've written so far for the month push I have gotten 11,538 words, not counting the unfinished short set sometime after where the Selkies' Skins, Dragon Shaman, and Shadow Chronicles series meet. I'm not counting that one as it is not finished, went a different direction than intended, and probably will be saved for incorporation once I get to the time it is set for into whichever of the three strands it ends up best for.

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