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Flash Fiction Month check in

As of right now I've managed to catch up to all the prompts so far plus the one for the Thursday writers prompt.

Total words thus far: 6,399 within 14 days.

I hurt.

Flash Fiction Month Stories
Day 1: The Nest
Alien bird conservation

Day 2: Bigfoot Spotted in N. California
Editorial challenge

Day 3: Blindness
What is beyond blind?

Day 4: The Storage Unit Community
Animals and storage units

Day 5: I Hate Updates
Thesis papers and Windows updates...

Day 6: Nosy Lady
Bigfoot's Perspective

Day 7: Saint Nichola
A person transitioning from female to male plays Santa for a family that has recently had a bad loss.

Day 8: Delusion
The challenge had to do with unfair reincationations

Day 9: Just a Little Something
A Chinese theater god vents to some Japanese friends and recruits a dragon for... a coconut?

Day 10: Turnabout
Coyote/Kokopelli trickster story

Day 11: Clarity
A girl seeks answers about her mother in a mermaid/selkie pool

Day 12: The Cards
Just your average flash fiction with living tarot

Day 13: A Paleontological Nightmare
A Paleontologist is taken back in time by a Nightmare. Is it a dream... or not?

Day 14: Forgiveness
A witch astral projects for an unusual reason.

Gaming Related Flash Fiction for the Core Writer's Challenge
Otohime's Heart
Otohime's point of view when having to contract help from Amaterasu.

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