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Mythical Minstrelsy volume 2

 The long awaited second volume in the Mythical Minstrelsy anthologies is now available on Smashwords. I have not yet gotten the Amazon Kindle version set up and uploaded yet, nor the print. Volume three I hope to have ready to push later this year after I get the cover ready. Long term Patreon Patrons will be sent the appropriate years in ecopies for their support.


Maria Lightwatch, a three tailed kitsune character of mine is the mascot and "official tale teller" for this series. Each book is a collection of that year's art, stories, meditations, and poetry, not including installations of the Selkies' Skins series or illustrations done for children's books. Each year's anthology will therefore be of varying lengths but will mostly tie in with mythology or folklore in some fashion.




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