rainstardragon (rainstardragon) wrote,

I'm alive

Not feeling that great. Not full blown sick but sure feel weak. Bone marrow is hurting again. Of course my bones INCLUDING the marrow hurt often (I already take huge amounts of vitamin D but doesn't always help). Nauseous. Not going anywhere in this weather nor do I want behind the wheel like this with my response times impaired. Very tired.

The driveway is plowed in again and I don't have the energy to go dig it out. At least that burm is smaller this time. It is also raining. The creek is high and I don't have the energy to stand long enough to go get pictures. Maybe can later today from the side window... but not the back.

Have testing work I need to scratch together enough to do. Besides that probably draw. I don't feel well enough to write. Have to fix that.

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