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What's Ame been reading? Other stuff too.

The Ryallon books by John H Carroll have sucked me in. Ive read several of them and will later likely end up writing reviews for them. I was offered a book by a mer author that I like a lot too, so once I finish reading the current book I'll be opening up her book. That one I will definitely be doing a review of.

It's nice to be able to start slowing down a bit, getting back into reading, writing, and site work now that school and catch up (but forced into shorter than desire time frame) cleaning has been completed. My Bachelor's Degree in International Relations (Asian Studies) gets conferred the 15th of the month. I am pleased with my GPA: 3.858. It might have been able to be higher, but I think I did really well considering all things. Eventually I'll look for part time teaching work. First I have GOT to fix my brain from all the stress the past several months has been, and not just from school.

In other news my daughter is now in the Fire Hall's Explorers program. This consists of classes and learning what it takes to be a firefighter, EMT or other emergency personell. She enjoys this time and getting to spend time with her Uncle. Said Uncle expects more of her than the others because of family background. On one hand she likes that and on the other she get nervous about trying to live up to that. She asked to go because she thought that something she learned might be applicable toward one day becoming a forensic anthropologist. Now she is also considering EMT as a possibility. My brother when I talked to him abuot her progress sounded very pleased with her, so I am pleased.

My son is doing well and still wants to be an engineer. Building projects happen often and we go through a lot of supplies. He also wants to learn to repair computers when he grows up in case mommy still has problems needing computers fixed. It is both sweet and strange feeling to me that he wants to "help take care of mommy" when he grows up. It also highly amuses me that he looks forward and still sees me writing and doing other things needing computers at that point in the future.

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