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 I know it has been a bit since my last installment. I am about halfway through what I plan to post for the next installment. I have temporarily shifted focus to beading bookmarks for the upcoming flea market since I'm running a booth. There will also be bath products that my daughter made and some papercrafts my son made (we are fundraising for his trip we are taking him on, he does not know where we plan to take him). I have also been doing things like assisting my mother when she comes over with construction work (woodshed, roofing) in ways that I am physically able to do.

Writing also isn't easy when you think you'll have time, and then in comes son with his laptop and games. *shakes head*

I need to head outside again. Hopefully soon I will finish the next installment. Also hopefully soon I will get the new website copy to my web admin for the publisher site. I need to proof it and check links one more time before transferring the new pages into the folder for syncing.

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